Consultation: After the initial contact, we like to meet personally and visit the site to get detailed information about your specific need. It doesn't matter whether you are simply seeking some expert advice or have a more extensive project in mind. Together, designer and client need to share enough information to allow a complete understanding of your interest so that the designer can propose the best possible plan or solution.

Once agreement on the scope of work involved is reached, Euro Garden Designs will begin project design which results in a written proposal for design and/or other services including a schedule and financial estimate for work to be performed.

Project Design: Actual design programming of the site usually takes two steps. It begins with a preliminary plan which is then reviewed with the client. With feedback from that meeting, a revised master plan is presented including an estimate of time and materials. Following additional discussion, and likely adjustments, an agreement is reached and a contract is signed.

Some Options:

  • Consultation Only. If you have a design and plan to DO IT yourself but could use some expert advice, we would be pleased to help you with any aspect of your project or to recommend other professionals in related fields
  • Design Only. A design may be contracted for and purchased for do-it-yourself installation. Euro Gardens Design would also be pleased to contract for or to continue providing advice and consultation on an “as needed” hourly basis
  • Design plus Installation. Contract includes a schedule for professional installation and financial estimate of time and materials.
  • Design plus Installation (same as above) with On-Going Professional Maintenance. This can be customized according to your needs.

Design Philosophy: Every landscape plays an important role in the day-to-day life of each of us. The landscape can be a pleasing, colorful place with a personal touch or a cold, uninviting place with little or no interest. We believe that your garden is basically an outdoor extension of your home, where every room has its own personality and function. So it’s very important that when we work with our clients we pay attention to every small detail, not just about the space, but about them, to reflect who they are, and to make this outdoor room livable and enjoyable specifically for them.

To achieve this goal, we will ask about your favorite colors, textures, memorable outdoor spaces, plants, or the room you spend most of your time in-- all so we can make adjustments accordingly-- so don't be surprised if we get a little personal.

How We Work: We carefully study all vital conditions and elements of the site and determine how they should influence the eventual design. Much needs to be identified and later analyzed. For example: soil type, prevailing winds, sun angles, zoning regulation, surface drainage patterns, off-views, existing vegetation, areas of sun and shade, underground utilities, above ground utilities and so forth. Measurements are taken for a base map and sometimes a certified survey is needed.

Then we bring together the expressed needs and wishes of the client and all of our research in order to create a preliminary design. This preliminary design is proposed, usually with two design options and, to stimulate the imagination, also with color freehand perspective drawings offering two and three-dimensional elements in a semi-realistic manner (realistic and abstract presentation-drafted objects, camera picture-like). Discussion takes place, ideas are exchanged, and likes and dislikes are incorporated into the next phase, the Master Plan.

The Master Plan emerges, well documented and essentially complete, agreed upon though still subject to change and revision by client and designer throughout the installation process. A contract is executed.

Installation: The installation process can begin when the Master Plan for the project is prepared by designer and approved by client. We install all season long, from ground thaw to freeze. The average job usually takes about one week, depending on the range of work.

We operate in small crews in a timely and precise manner to achieve the highest quality of work. Each crew is supervised by an experienced crew leader and our skilled workers make sure that your and your neighbor's property remains free from any damage.

We pay exceptional attention to neatness. Before crews leave each day, we make sure that the site is organized and the driveway is clean. We always inform you about the progress we made and respond if you have any comments or requests.

The master designer is always available and involved in the installation process to make sure that all aspects of the design plan are implemented correctly. When the job is completed, designer and client will take a final walk-through. And, as part of our ongoing commitment to continued satisfaction, we later do a free follow-up with the client, to answer any questions and to make suggestions. We also guarantee all our shrubs and trees for one year.

Maintenance and Fine Gardening: Maintenance is an important part a healthy landscape. In newly installed gardens, our designer will provide gardening tips and recommendations to the client. Proper care is critical, particularly for newly installed plant materials. A tired, dried-out, slow-growing green space defeats the original goal, doesn’t it? And there simply is no such a thing as maintenance free garden.

For those who contract for it, we provide professional maintenance on a bi-weekly service basis to make your beautiful garden look neat, lush and healthy. We are pesticide certified but we always think first about what is best for the environment. We are pros at mulching, staking, pinching, weeding, fertilizing, pruning and so forth but we also teach our clients if they are interested. We happily consult on demand and help you with good advice.

Seasonal Clean-Up: We can also visit your garden just twice a year (included in a yearly maintenance contract). In the spring we remove winter mulch and clean out perennials, prune overgrown and dead wood from trees and shrubs and remove winter damage. In the fall we remove fallen leaves, empty pots, cut back perennials and screen or cover frost-sensitive plants for winter.